Alashia Court Resort

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Ağırdağ Girne

About Property

5-star Touristic Hotel and Apart Club (Holiday Village) is a project of Recaioğlu Group, which is being built on 36 acre land in Kyrenia Karaman of Northern Cyprus entirely with its own resources. The project is a powerful TOURISTIC FACILITIES PROJECT with a natural quality structure, unlike its counterparts it's appealing to congress tourism and amphitheater, it contains of 165 hotel rooms, 30 bungalows, large pool of 1687m2 and other different activities. Such an investment in our country is projected with a difference and thought comparable to similar models. The objective and subjective requirements are the most important reason for the realization of the project. In addition to all these qualities, one of the most beautiful features of the project is that it's completely intertwined with nature. The project, prevailing the views of mountains and sea, benefitting from the infrastructure, close to the city center and in a natural land, which is one of the world's most oxygen-taken area, is an important advantage for our country.

The facility has a suitable infrastructure for performing various organizations, it has a strong structure that can support the other sectors in our country as a market by attracting tourists from many countries of the world who will contribute to the national economy.

Kyrenia, which is a tourism region, will be a profit for the country in terms of employment that will be created within its structure together with the commissioning of the facility and the services it will give to domestic and foreign tourism.


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