Recaioğlu Uniqueness

     Recaioğlu Group has a strong infrastructure, machinery and equipment park in order to sustain the efficiency and quality in the areas where it operates. By giving importance to R & D activities, it closely follows the latest technology and makes new initiatives and investments. For this purpose, the 500 bed capacity of 35 000 m2 5 star Deluxe hotel and casino projects which is being constructed with its own resources in its own lands of 58 000 m2 will be added to the tourism activities of North Cyprus in the near future and will render the achievements in tourism.

     Our mission is to understand the customer demands, to focus on customer satisfaction, to produce perfect solutions, to determine the targets well and to create efficiency that will ensure technology and continuous improvement, to make investments in the sector according to market needs and to be open to criticisms and suggestions in order to provide better benefit and peace to our customers.

     Our vision is to maintain a reliable, qualified and strong brand in its fields of activity, and to train compatible teams that can use technology and create relevant innovations in the fields of work, to always remain in the leading Group position in their field of activity in terms of customer satisfaction and service quality, to always keep their trust on their employees and customers, and constantly evolving, growing, desire to be reliable, a group that does not compromise on the principle of absolute customer satisfaction keeps its life alive.