The traditions, customs and social life of Northern Cyprus are very colorful like natural beauties. It is very important that social ceremonies such as weddings, circumcision, holidays, family relations and families come together and take part in various activities. The sense of social solidarity is very high. One of the main characteristics of the Turkish Cypriot community is hospitality, which is the traditional Turkish hospitality known all over the world. The most senior and oldest of the guests is the most respected person and is welcomed in a way that is valued by the whole society. The coffee catering culture is very developed as well. Even if you enter a non-familiar environment, a complimentary coffee is served. Catering and hospitality is the most distinctive feature of everyday life in Northern Cyprus. In the homes of Cyprus, grandmothers teach their children and grandchildren jobs that require a variety of dexterity.

The most beautiful examples of the handicrafts of Northern Cyprus are the chests of the wood carving. These chests are produced in various sizes, generally from Cypress Tree. Craftsman hands on them processes various motifs, flowers, birds, leaves, geometric patterns with a lace fineness. The Turkish Cypriot people also attach great importance to folk dances. These dances are played by girls and boys together in wedding ceremonies and various events. The dance clothes, which are prepared according to the folkloric features of the region, are transformed into a visual feast by admiring the colors, patterns and handicrafts of Cyprus.

It is seen that Turkish Cypriot Folk Music is influenced by Anatolian Folk Music as well as its own developed local features. There are many folk songs. Turkish Cypriot Music Group and private music groups established by the state actively contribute to the activities of Turkish Cypriot Music today. Due to the important contributions of the state to Classical Turkish Music, there are many Classical Turkish Art Music works in our day. The Turkish Classical Music concerts held at various times are very popular with the public.