Our Company

     Recaioğlu Group, as a family business, has started its business life in Kyrenia, the pearl of Northern Cyprus with Wood, Joinery and Decoration.

     The respect, trust and commitment of four brothers in the progressive process have started to establish Recaioğlu Ltd. in 1985 by combining knowledge, skill and self-sacrifice. Recaioğlu Group by expanding its fields of activity, after Recaioğlu Wood, Joinery and Decoration, has established Recaioğlu Estate, Design & Construction, Recaioğlu PVC, Recaioğlu Steel and Wrought Iron, Recaioğlu Marble & Granite and Recaioğlu Tourism.

     Recaioğlu Group, together with its management staff and all its employees, is the most lively example of the commitment and success of the Turkish Cypriot people.

     Today, Recaioğlu Group, one of the leading organizations of Northern Cyprus, by bringing its different design and construction techniques to the world of construction adds the pleasure and health to human life, by combining functionality and aesthetics flawlessly it has become a leader in itself. 

     Recaioğlu Group is proud of the many jobs that it has brought to the public and private sector, believing that there is a guarantee for the works to be done after, it continues to be a trust monument throughout the country with its services and commitments across the island. The group carries an identity that is always sought, trusted and experienced by the group and is exemplary in the areas where it operates.