Rich History

The island of Cyprus has been the scene of turmoil throughout the ages. Due to its strategic location and natural wealth it experienced rough times, from time to time it was occupied by neighboring countries and established cities and treasures were looted. Despite all the turmoil and hardship throughout history, Cyprus Island has survived to its present day by losing nothing of its own historical existence and by further developing and enriching its culture.

If we examine the history of Cyprus Island, we see that it dates back to 7000 BC. The first life traces are found in the Neolithic Period and then the other ages are experienced respectively. From these ages to the present exhumed from the graves stone pots, terracottas pots, small clay statues, Idols, jewelry, flint axes and guns, bronze, arrows made of iron, knives lances such as spear are exhibited today in museums.

According to result of findings examination of archaeological excavations in Cyprus, it is seen from findings in Tatlısu  (7000 B.C.) that the history of Cyprus extends to the Paleolithic Period in the 10000s. The first people coming to Cyprus from Anatolia and Syria have generally established small settlements such as Vrysi on the coasts.